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About us

Everything You Wanted to Know, But Were Afraid to Ask

We are the leading provider in the online donation fundraising sector, trusted by coaches and families across the United States to help in their cause to raise needed funds. But you know all that. Here's

Who we are

We're an innovative, dedicated group of people who work really hard so you don't have to. We have years of experience in the fundraising industry and thought, there has to be a better way. We strive to make our fundraising campaigns powerful enough for large groups, and even threw in a "Fast Track" campaign for the little guys that need cash quick. We take pride in offering our Coaches, Admins, and Group Leaders 24/7 support, and care deeply about our Parents, who shoulder the majority of the burden of raising the funds for their kids. We strive to make our ALL IN process secure, effective and super easy to use. It is powerful behind the scenes, yet easy enough for a grandma in Kansas to show her support. Additionally, we pack our solutions with over a decade of trusted experience. We're a committed partner and never beat our own chest. We love it when our Clients say "Look at them"

Our Mission

We want to help you make better money. That's it. That's all. That's what drives us. We want to make it as seamless as possible for you to realize your Fundraising goals, and collect the money you need for your organization. And after 10 years, we're still challenging ourselves to deliver a simple, trusted, results driven product. We're dedicated to making even the most advanced campaign design easy for our Participants and Donors alike. (especially the Grandma).

What we care about most

1. Our customers - We offer live-American based customer support and spend every waking hour striving to make your experience a pleasurable one for sure. We see it in our return Clients, and hear it from your "Circle of Supporters", those who have a vested interest in your success.

2. Transparency for everyone - We believe everyone deserves easy access to raising money for their team.. Budgets, time-lines, and logistics should not get in the way. That's why we created a simple, cost-effective, customized OnlineDonation campaign for your needs.

3. Privacy and security - We use SSL encryption and multi-machine backup to keep your data secure. To read more on our privacy and security policies please click here.

Who uses Online Donations?

Chances are you know someone who needs to use us. We focus on any and all teams that are in need of money. High school sports, Travel Clubs, Educational groups...we do it all. Unfortunately we see a trend in declining public funds, restricted activity budgets and in many cases, programs and events canceled for lack of funds. This should not happen, and with our ALL IN approach, our goal is to ease the burden. We are here to help you help yourself. If you think we can - call us. If we feel that there may be a better fit for your group or organization, we'll do our best to point you in the right direction.

We're always looking for motivated individuals.

Email us. Shoot us your resume. Whether you are a Coach, a Booster Club Member, Parent Volunteer, or fresh out of college, and you want to be part of something really cool, let us know. Email us at info@onlinedonations.us and we will follow up and discuss how we can work together in the future.